We are an acupuncture clinic serving Rhode Island and the South County community. We offer painless and affordable treatment for people of all ages, and for all health conditions whether acute or chronic. We can say this because the intended focus, in the practice of classical Asian medicine, is on "nourishing life" rather than targeting any single disease. In this way, the person's own powers of disease resistance are supported and fortified so that a natural healing process can take place.

Acupuncture is a powerful and effective medicine. It can provide relief from emotional stress and physical pain, enhance our resistance to illness and improve our general outlook on life. The result is a greater sense of health and well-being, all without the need of dangerous drugs or the risk of damaging side-effects.

Good healthcare need not be expensive or complicated for it to be available to everyone. As a member of the community, we are pleased to offer treatment plans that are effective and affordable for each of our clients.

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Grayson Wood, D.Ac.